Pawns In Chess formed in December 2012. At that time the band consisted of Jeremy McLellon on guitar, Mike Guinther on bass, Gary Henrich on guitar, and Shawn Hapney on drums. Mike, Shawn and Gary had previously been in Cleveland area 1990’s death metal band Descend. Shawn and Mike have also played in many other bands together over the years.

Jeremy played in various punk/indie rock bands around the Cleveland scene over the years but was always a metal-head. He met Shawn, Gary and Mike through mutual friends and finally had found the right guys to start a metal band with.

Shawn, Jeremy and Mike knew what they wanted to do as a band: play metal, nothing but metal. At this stage in Gary’s life, he decided that he wanted to something different musically and left the band in April 2013.

Left as a three piece, Pawns In Chess finally started to gel creatively. Jeremy, Mike and Shawn were on the same page and music started to flow. They just needed a singer. After several tryouts and even landing a singer they worked with for several months, Pawns came to the conclusion that the singer just didn’t fit.

Pawns continued writing music and growing closer together as a three piece. In early 2014, Pawns decided that they didn’t need or want a singer. None of the members feel strongly about and certain subject matter and came to the decision that they will let the music do the talking.

In April 2014 they recorded their debut six song demo “The Blood of Martyrs.” Pawns has performed live only in Cleveland with other local acts.

The goals for Pawns is to play live as much as possible and to gain interest from a record label to release and distribute Pawn’s debut album which they plan on record sometime in 2015.








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